Ding Junyao

E-mail: dingjunyao0703@163.com
Website: https://4ading.com/
GitHub: @DingJunyao
Gitee: @DingJunyao
Location: Nanjing, China
Post: Backend Development Engineer



  1. 2015-09 ~ 2019-06: Nanjing Forestry University, Electronic Commerce, Bachelor

Open Source Projects


  • nopo
    A tool based on Selenium that helps you build POM in web test.
  • myenigma
    Python based Enigma.
  • picgo-plugin-convert-heic
    A plugin for PicGo (a tool for uploading pictures), which can convert HEIC Photo to other formats (eg. JPEG).
  • SunGet
    Calculating the sunrise time and sunset time and express them in client time with period.




  • 2016: CET-6
  • 2016: Putonghua Proficiency Test (2A)
  • 2017: Jiangsu Computer Rank Examination (Level 2 - C language)
  • 2022: Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)
  • 2022: Microsoft Certified: Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals (SC-900)
  • 2022: Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Fundamentals (PL-900)


Work Experience

2019-08 ~: Foxconn (Nanjing) Software Company

2022-12 ~: Nanjing software development and business department

  • Start backend development based on Java and SSM framework with the change of the company’s project management method, and handle the R&D and O&M of 3 projects;
  • Continue QA tests for developed systems, and updates and repair items of systems under maintenance in company;
  • Continue improving system design and requirements with the assistance of the product department;
  • Continue teaching other team members about automated testing, CI and CD.

2020-06 ~ 2022-12: Business department

  • QA tests for developed systems, and updates and repair items of systems under maintenance in company (20+ projects);
  • Sorted, analyzed the reported and confirmed problems every week, and wrote weekly quality reports;
  • Improved system design and requirements with the assistance of the product department;
  • Teached other team members about automated testing, CI and CD;
  • Assembled festival poster in company.

2019-08 ~ 2020-06: Process department

  • Participated in the development of 2 projects, operation, maintenance, modification and testing of 7 projects;
  • Assembled festival poster in company.

Important Projects

Facade: Face Recognition Device Main Platform

2023-10 ~, Developer


The project aims to integrate face recognition devices of various manufacturers’ models in the group and establish a unified management platform to facilitate device management, data query, synchronization, statistics and other operations.

Major Jobs

  • Responsible for the maintenance of the PHP sub-platform of one of the device vendors, handling the interaction between the master platform and the sub-platform.
  • Participate in the back-end development of the master platform.

ITSM (IT Service Management) System

2023-04 ~, Developer


The project is an entry platform for integrated IT services, emphasizing service efficiency and user experience. It integrates 101, GNCS and other systems in group, provides information services (e.g., applications for hardware, software accounts, cloud servers, and databases) for Foxconn, and gathers functions such as form application, e-signing, online customer service, announcement center, resources and downloads, and help center, which helps the upgrades of teams and organizations through self-service, smooth communication, and efficient collaboration.

Major Jobs

  • 101 system: developed new forms; participated in the new UI adaptation and internationalization of each form, and participated in the development, maintenance, and testing of APIs for form query and user data synchronization, and integration with the ITSM system;
  • ITSM system: implemented the rewrite of 101 system forms and the maintenance of APIs.

IT Devices Maintenance System

2022-08 ~ 2023-04, Tester


The project is used in HQiT in the group. Users can apply maintenance form for IT devices under warranty and beyond warranty, and PC softwares. Engineers and trackers are assigned to the forms, and users rate the satisfaction eventuallty. Besides business processes, the project also involves alarming and presentation of various datas.

Major Jobs

  • Interface UI test for processes;
  • API test for alarming and presentation services, automated by writing and executing Python scripts with Requests and pytest so that it reached almost all testing situations, and it could be run after work, which reduced testing time by more than 90% and achieved goals that manual testing cannot achieve.

Intelligence Manufacturing - Industry APP

2022-07 ~ 2022-08, Testing Principal


This project is a part of Intelligence Manufacturing project for HQiT in the group, and it is on the mobile client. It shows the dynamic rates and downtimes and their changes within a certain time range (year / quarter / month / week / day).

Major Jobs

  • Interface and UI testing;
    • Interface testing was automated by writing and executing Python scripts with nopo, Requests and pytest so that it reached almost all testing situations, and it could be run after work, which reduced testing time by more than 90% and achieved goals that manual testing cannot achieve;
  • In interface testing, I reached agreement with developers on API format, data types, null value processing, decimal places, rounding methods and other aspects to improve code quality;
  • Performed educational training about interface testing technology in the project for HQiT staff.

Smurf Recruiting System

2022-04 ~ 2022-06, Tester, Principal of Operation and Maintenance


It is a product with “reliable” as its core values. It continuously creates value for customers (employment enterprises, human resource service companies, blue-collar groups and government agencies) through credible platform, advanced technology and humanized service, and solves the dilemma of “difficult employment, difficult to find a job and irregular employment” in the manufacturing industry.

It includes web client and mobile client (Weixin (Wechat) Mini Program), in which web client is for employment enterprises and human resource service companies, and mobile client is for blue-collar groups. Its key functions are:

  • Enterprise information maintenance
  • Recruting information publishment
  • Job applying

Major Jobs

  • Took responsibility of operation and maintenance of the Linux server for testing and production environments, and prepared environments with Docker;
  • Built automated CI environment with Jenkins and SonarQube so that it could check, build and deploy project automatically after push code by developers, and send messages to developers and testers, which greatly reduced manual operation, saved deployment time by 30%, and improved collaboration between developers and testers;
  • Performed educational training about Linux, Docker and CI for staff.

Intelligence Labor Union Service Platform

  • 2020-12 ~ 2023-04, Testing Principal
  • 2023-10 ~, Developer


The system is made up by three parts: portal, mobile client and management client.

  • Portal is the showing area of the union;
  • Mobile client is not only for showing, but also for activities, associations and training in the union;
  • Management client includes 16 modules, such as organization construction, economy management, election, democratic management, union management and care.

It is mainly convenient for the development of all labor unions in Foxconn Group:

  • Make the unions easy to know about the members of each unit, the transfer of persons, elections, the funds of each union and the persons in need of help;
  • Make them easy to carry out training, meetings and activities, and collect public opinions.

Major Jobs

  • QA tests for testing, pre-publishment and production environments;
  • Sorted, analyzed bugs and bug ratios every week, and wrote weekly quality reports;
  • Wrote Python scripts in some tests with tools like nopo, Requests and pytest so that automated some repetitive tasks and reduced test time;
    • Tested the correctness of the data Kanban of groups and all factories with automatic scripts in data Kanban module, which could cover all the test situation in a short time and reduced the test time by 60%;
    • Saved the test time by 30% with automatic scripts in labor audit module and more;
  • Participated in the demand analysis meeting of modules, pointed out the unreasonable problems of the product and development departments and put forward solutions;
  • Fine-tuned and fixed logos and graphics in the portal and management client.

HCM System

2020-06 ~ 2022-06, Tester


Manage all personnel matters within the company from recruitment to resignation, including management of organization, personnel, attendance, salary, recruitment and performance.

Major Jobs

  • Testing of daily updates and modification;
  • Wrote and ran Python scripts with nopopytest for data preparation in major modification tests of performance, attendance and salary modules, and saved test time obviously;
  • Used Excel to calculate data and check the system in modification test in attendance and salary modules.

Report replacement

2020-06 ~ 2020-07, Tester


Modified all reports in all projects due to upgrade of system security, and passed tests.

Major Jobs

  • Wrote config file in TOML,and guided all developers to fill in information about systems and reports;
  • Wrote Python scripts with Selenium, tested 32 projects, 756 pages in one day, and found 56 bugs.

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